Loyola University, Chicago, IL | Katie + Mark

If you have spent more than 5 minutes with me in the last month and a half, then you have DEFINITELY heard me talk about this wedding a bunch. If you’re not one of those people, then let me tell you about it.

Some of the many reasons I thought this wedding was THE SHIT™️:

  • Katie and Mark are soooo down to earth and kind and FUN. Katie was living her best life all day, looking beautiful as ever and being open to everything I asked her to do - including running through sand with heels on lol - not the easiest task but she killed it out there! Mark was the biggest softie and I don’t think many would expect that when they first meet him, but he is a true kind soul and both of them together make the perfect match. I truly could not have asked for better clients and this day was so amazing, I would consider them my friends now and I am beyond grateful that I was given the honor of capturing their love story. KATIE AND MARK 4EVER!!


  • Katie and Mark were having such a blast they INSISTED that my team and I put down all of our gear to come out with them on the dance floor and get jiggy with it! And, though I am a horrible dancer and hate dancing anywhere that isn’t my kitchen, I had to oblige, of course and had so much fun.


  • Their Day of Coordinator, Erin Daubert, founder of Dotted Events was a freaking BOSS. Seriously, I will tell EVERYONE forever to try to invest in one on their big day because you do not want to have to be worrying about mini catastrophe’s on a day where you are supposed to be soaking in all the love and belly laughing and wiping away tears (from love - not because something went missing or some other equally awful thing). Erin was a GODSEND! Super pleasant from day one to day of and to everyone who is on the fence about hiring one - DO IT, you will NOT regret it, especially if you got Erin on your team. Wedding planners/coordinators are superrrrr helpful for photographers, too. Your wedding day should be all about being in the moment with your loved ones, and Erin did everything to make sure it was just like that for Katie and Mark.


  • UM THEY PLAYED THE BEATLES AND FREAKIN ROCK. I’m really not that good with identifying genres, to be quite honest, but their music was dope (and so was their Dj). The perfect sing-a-long songs that most people know the words to that get everyone in the mood. I can tell you right now that receptions are typically my most anxiety inducing parts of the day - mostly because of the lack of lighting. Even with lighting equipment, no photographer wants to miss a great shot because something didn’t click right away. Thankfully, due to the cute ass Italian Bistro lights by Ian Phillips at i love lamP Lighting and the bumpin music all thanks to Dj Dale via Yazz Jazz, my team and I had plenty of opportunities for awesome dancing pictures (which - let’s be real, they don’t always turn out great at every wedding but this was the perfect set up).


  • The venue was on the freaking LAKE. It was gorgeous. Not to mention the fact that Loyola University just has an all around beautiful campus but this venue was the perfect size and we even got the chance to see a beautiful sunset, which only added to all the lovely speeches that were made. Before the wedding, Katie said it would just be a good party with food, booze, and music

  • The foooood (drool everywhere) - ‘nuff said

  • These gorgeous freaking florals by Jazzy Flowers??. What the heck?? I am sucker for florals that stray even the slightest bit from traditional, not to mention that Katie’s hair and makeup by Carol paired with her gorgeous flower crown made her look like a straight up modern Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Which I think is fitting, given that Katie is fond of literature. I really loved the classic vibe Katie added to her wedding with her beautiful and elegantly faux-natural makeup, her hair, and that gorgeously vintage-inspired dress by BHLDN, even Chicken was digging it!

  • A gorgeous and extremely tempting-to-lick-must-restrain-myself-from-ruining cake by Oak Mill Bakery

  • Byyyyyyy the way, did I mention how he proposed??? They were doing long distance at the time while Katie was attending a University in San Francisco when one of her bestie’s got engaged and asked Katie to have the weekend of 4/20 free for a girls weekend in Napa and that they would be picking up her bestie’s sister for the airport beforehand. Well lo and behold, instead of her sister being there at the terminal, Mark was there. I mean, I freakin love surprises so I would have already been screaming. They ended up hiking at Lands End where Mark got down on one knee to propose to his girl on a beautiful cliff overlooking the SF Bay and the Golden State Bridge! 10/10 perfect proposal. To honor the distance they had for a significant chunk of their relationship, Katie asked that the book “A Tale of Two Cities” be used as their styling board for their rings, along with her grandmother’s pearls, and of course I agreed! It’s thoughtful little gestures like that, that I absolutely LOVE about weddings and love stories. It’s the little things that make a relationship unique.

  • And finally….the people, the love, the moments:

Special thanks to my team:

Jack Lullo @jacklullowastaken jacklullo.com

Neal Zeleznak @nealpatrickz

I could NOT have done this without them.

To see the rest of the photos, visit http://capturedbybco.pic-time.com/-katieandmark2018 Downloads available in both high resolution and web size :)