Here I come, Chicago!

Let me start off by saying thank you to each and every one of you who have reached out to me in the last 2 months to share your good vibes, well wishes, advice, love, and to those who maybe didn’t say anything but silently sent me their positivity, too. I got through this awful period of my life through all of the love around me. I am not completely out of it, as there is no cure (if you’re confused - go and read my previous blog post), BUT I have made tremendous progress in such a short period of time and I am feeling really confident about where I am at currently.

When I got sick and then got my diagnosis, I was so desperate to feel better, to get better, I just went head first into everything, Journaling, meditation, yoga, working with a dietician, cardio every day, eating nutritious foods, drinking over a gallon of water a day, increasing my salt intake from 1500 to 3000 mg, basking in the healing powers of CBD oil (I mean really though! I thought CBD didn’t work for me originally but I realized I was not taking enough and it has kept me from having to take one of the highly addictive and pretty much deadly medications I am prescribed for my illness). All of these things I believe contributed to my progress and so now here I am, ready to come back to Chicago and get back to work. Two months ago I legitimately feared every single day, every hour, that I was going to die any moment, and I worried that if I didn’t, that my illness would progress to the point where I would eventually end up in a wheelchair or needing to use other mobility aids. Who knows, both of those things could still happen - but what I know is that right now I am more than ok and I am going to continue to push myself to greater progress physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Let’s break it down

  • 2 months ago got really sick and thought I was dying - couldn’t stand for too long, couldn’t stare at a screen too long, was getting constant dizzy spells, awful migraines, heart racing at random moments, couldn’t sleep for days at a time, etc

  • 2 months - one week = diagnosis of Dysautonomia

  • 2 months ago - could barely get through 10 minutes of turtle-paced biking without nearly fainting

  • now - can do nearly 40 minutes of HIIT on the bike

  • 2 months ago on my liver enzyme test = 70

  • 1 week ago, liver enzyme = 35

  • 2 months to now = being a bad bitch and getting shit done

  • currently waiting to test for Celiac disease

Now let’s talk about what else is going to change. For the last two years that I have been living in Colombia, I’ve been taking many trips to Chicago and jam packing my schedule to the point where I often work all day and then hang out with friends all night. That is going to change ASAP. I will be offering less shoots each trip to Chicago (though my prices will stay the same - for now). A maximum of two shoots a day. This is so that I can keep my body healthy and still produce quality work. My prices will change in the New Year to reflect that, but for now, they will stay the same. My upcoming trip to Chicago April 16th - 26th will only have 5 shoots available - so please get in touch with me to book something. I am beyond antsy and thrilled to get back to work and grateful for the tons of support I have received thus far. Thank you for allowing me to live out my dream. xx