Chicago and Medellin based photographer


Who am I?

Chicago born and now living in Medellin, Colombia with my husband, two dogs, and two hairless cats.

I love reading and my goal for 2019 is to finish 30 books, at minimum. I’m also a crazy animal lover, so if you’re looking for someone to gush about how much they love their animals, hit me up because I will talk your ear off about all my animals - you’re welcome. I’m also a pretty crafty person. I love to paint - digitally, with acrylics, watercolors, and hopefully will venture into oil painting this year! Additionally, I’m a knitter and crocheter, with a touch of embroidery. Photography is just one of my many passions and I look forward to learning about yours as we start this experience together! ϟ


Firstly, if you have found yourself on my page, I want to thank you for taking the time to check out my work. Photography has been a passion of mine for years now and I have been so blessed to receive the tremendous support that I have over the years, which has allowed me to bring my dream to life. At times people believed in me more than I did in myself! Those are the people that nudged me along the way as I went from amateur photographer taking photos of random items throughout my house and of pets to a professional photographer being invited to capture special moments in people's lives. In fact, the act of photography is in itself an invitation to the memory process of other people.

Taking photos allows me to not only shoot what I feel, but capture how others do, too. When I photograph people I really aim to capture the essence of that person and what is their truth - mixed in with a little bit of my truth. This is also what I keep in mind when I am working with assistants or hiring other photographers for events, to keep in line with my style and why clients are drawn to it.

My goal is to connect with those I photograph and to provide beautiful displays of love, celebration, happiness, and/or deep emotion to cherish for years to comes.

I truly appreciate any and all clients who let me be apart of their life, even if for a moment.

As memories fade, photos remain.