From elopements to small and intimate weddings, they have quickly become one of my favorite things to shoot. Getting to see how families come together to celebrate LOVE in so many ways gets me every time (and don’t get me started on those father and daughter dances…). I’m there to capture how it felt. I’m there for the belly laughs, the silly dancing, the happy tears, the quiet space for those who could not be there, the moments you think no one is watching (the sweet ones - I promise I won’t take any photos of you picking your nose or a wedgie!). Because I like to focus on the intimate moments of not just you and your partner, but all of your loved ones celebrating your big day with you, I don’t accept weddings with over 100 guests. I have found that this way I can truly document your day on a deeper level, resulting in more meaningful photos for you to cherish for years to come.


I know just how weird it can feel to be in front of the camera, trust me. I may be a photographer but that does not save me from that feeling of awkwardness in front of a camera that graces almost every human being. That’s why I like to approach couple shoots like we’re just hanging out, because that’s really all it is! Let’s make it fun by going to the beach and eating some grub and drinking some beers or go on a road trip to a nearby state park for a hike and blast your favorite music along the way (I am especially fond of car rides somewhere pretty). I’ll basically just be your cool third wheel! You’re not hiring me to spend money to feel uncomfortable in front of a camera for a couple of hours, I want this to be an experience!


I think my absolute favorite moments to witness as a photographer are the ones between a parent and child. Whether during the dances at a wedding, or sweet moments like this one. My heart love bursts every time and I feel so incredibly honored to document these moments. These become heirlooms. Photos that will be appreciated by you, your child, and many generations to come. Everyone deserves to have quality photos that truly represent the love in their hearts and their family’s.


As much as people associate having their photos taken with awkwardness (I blame school photos, sorry not sorry), I strongly believe that photoshoots can be a source of confidence and inspiration. We are our harshest critics, and as such, I don’t think we always acknowledge our own beauty and strength. Maybe a tough job, or bad relationship contributed to that negative view, but I’m committed to helping you figure out the best way to break out of your shell again. Or, to just simply celebrate you and all that you are.